This week in PR Pubs we explored a new, web-based design application called Canva. We were asked to design a suite of social media assets for a new, integrated PR social media campaign. The pieces included a Facebook Cover photo, a Facebook Post, a Twitter Cover photo and an Instagram post.

Oh Canva – so easy yet so fidgety. I was crossing my fingers the whole time hoping it wasn’t going to crash on me. Canva was sooooo slow on my laptop and on most of the Gaylord desktops. It is NOT a reliable source. InDesign and Photoshop won’t crash on you. This will. BUT Canva is easy. If you are looking for something fast and effective Canva is for you. Canva is limited though. There are ENDLESS possibilities with InDesign and Photoshop but Canva has its own layouts, texts, frames etc. and thats it. So you can only be as creative as Canva allows but for a PR practitioner who doesn’t know how to work InDesign and Photoshop this tool can be really helpful. I think, for me, I would like to use Canva in the future maybe for inspiration but then create my own thing in Photoshop or InDesign.



Facebook Cover Photo:


Facebook Post:


Twitter Cover Photo:


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